Is laser teeth whitening safe?

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Yes, laser teeth whitening is very safe!

Acid, and acid alone, is the only thing that can damage the gums or the structure of a tooth. The tooth whitening gel from BeyondWhite has a neutral PH, so there is no way it can harm your teeth.

Your teeth are left clean and white with a little tooth sensitivity for 24- 48 hours. 30% of clients will have no sensitivity at all.

The system and gels we use at Dazzle Studio have been proven to actually be good for your teeth. Research has shown that clean teeth, free from plaque, naturally re-enamelize, and as well as whitening your teeth our whitening gels leave your teeth perfectly clean.

Furthermore, research has shown the frequency of light used by our laser kills the bacteria that causes destructive gum disease. So not only are you getting the smile you always wanted, you are also getting a deep clean into the bargain!